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Care For Scotland

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The CARE campaign focuses on four areas: demand, support for child victims, after-care and a victim-centred approach.

1. Tackling demand

In 2009, Section14 of the Policing and Crime Act made it an offence to purchase sexual services from someone who is subject to force, but unfortunately the law has proven difficult to implement. CARE is campaigning for the introduction of legislation to criminalise the purchase of sex in all circumstances. We believe that this is the only way to address effectively the demand for sexual services, which exploits the vulnerable and creates a market for human trafficking.

2. Providing child victims with greater support

Between 2005 and 2010, a staggering 301 of the 942 children rescued from trafficking went missing from local authority care.  Many of these children are thought to have run away back into the hands of their traffickers because of threats of violence to them or their families. CARE believes that we must improve the care that is provided for rescued trafficked children and protect them from going missing.

There are two main things that are needed:

Specialist foster care to provide trafficked children with security and
stability and with a parent figure to support and check up on them. This is
invaluable in aiding a child’s recovery.
A child trafficking guardian.  CARE is calling on the Government to introduce a system which would provide every child victim a child trafficking guardian to support them and speak up for their best interests accompanying them through all aspects of their care and treatment during their time in the UK.

3. Improve victim care

The UK Government provides adult victims with accommodation and assistance for a 45 day period, but CARE would suggest that this is extended to 90 days. In the current system the average person’s stay is 53 per cent longer than the 45 days the Government funds.

4. A victim-centred approach

 The Government also needs to change its approach to trafficking which is presently too closely connected with immigration concerns. Although many victims of trafficking are brought into the UK illegally, at its centre trafficking is a crime of exploitation not immigration.

For more information contact:  stuart.weir@care.org.uk


Evangelical Alliance Scotland


The Evangelical Alliance Scotland is an alliance of churches, organisations and individuals that collectively represent some 50,000 people in Scotland and make up the nation’s largest grouping of evangelical Christians.  Our church members in Scotland include the Baptist Union of Scotland, Vineyard Churches, the Salvation Army, Newfrontiers, Elim Pentecostal Churches, Assemblies of God, The Free Church of Scotland, Brethren, a number of congregations within the Church of Scotland and other independent churches.  Organisational members include Glasgow City Mission, Bethany Christian Trust, Tearfund and Scripture Union Scotland.  We passionately believe that all human beings are created in the image of God and so are committed to ending
human trafficking in Scotland and supporting the Abolition Scotland campaign.

For more information contact: k.turner@eauk.org


International Justice Mission UK

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IJM is a global team of Christian lawyers, social workers, investigators, community activists and professionals working to protect the poor from violent forces of injustice and slavery. We work to rescue thousands, protect millions, and prove that justice for the poor is possible.

IJM’s casework model seeks 4 outcomes on behalf of its clients:

  1. Victim Relief: immediate relief for the victim of abuse
  2. Perpetrator Accountability: holding perpetrators accountable for their abuse in their local justice systems
  3. Survivor Aftercare: working with local aftercare partners to ensure that victims are equipped to rebuild their lives
  4. Structural Transformation: strengthening the community factors and local judicial systems that will deter potential oppressors in order to bring long-lasting protection for vulnerable individuals

When the law is enforced the violence stops, as seen through ‘Project Lantern’ in Cebu, the Philippines. With the support of the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation and in co-operation with local authorities, external research found that the number of minors available within the commercial sex industry in the Cebu Metro fell by 79% over four years thanks to IJM’s casework.

IJM’s work is founded on the Biblical call to justice articulated in Isaiah 1:17: Seek justice, protect the oppressed, defend the orphan, plead for the widow. IJM seeks to restore to victims of oppression the things that God intends for them: their lives, their liberty, their dignity, the fruits of their labour. By defending and protecting individual human rights, IJM seeks to engender hope and transformation for those it serves and restore a witness of courage in places of oppressive violence.

For more information contact: scotland@ijmuk.org


Glasgow House of Prayer


Glasgow House Of Prayer’s purpose is to pursue intimacy with God, exalt Jesus and contend for transformation through night and day worship and intercession in the spirit of the tabernacle of David.

For more information contact: info@ghop.org.uk


Contact: info@abolitionscotland.org