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If you live in Scotland, you are represented by eight Members of the Scottish Parliament – one for your Constituency and seven for the wider Region.

Please ask your MSPs to support Jenny Marra’s bill. We have some resources that will help you get informed beforehand.

When you enter your postcode below, we will give you contact details and a link to the Scottish Parliament page for each of your eight representatives.

We encourage you to use the various methods of getting in touch with them, but speaking directly to them will always be most effective. Please phone their office and arrange an appointment at their next surgery time. You could use the email address to follow up your meeting with a brief reminder of the things you spoke about. Then, when you have made contact, please get in touch with us and let us know what response you get, particularly if an MSP tells you how they would vote on the bill.

To get started, just enter your postcode below.


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