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Human Trafficking (Scotland) Bill

The Consultation Document
Consultation Document
Download now to read the details of the proposed Human Trafficking (Scotland) bill.

Criminalisation of the Purchase of Sex (Scotland) Bill

Though this bill did not progress, these documents are helpful for getting informed on issues relating to trafficking and the sex industry.

The Consultation Document
The consultation period is over but the consultation document contains a lot of useful background information and statistics.

Key facts
Key facts related to some of the consultation questions, with supporting references to research papers and studies.

CARE: Briefing on how to respond to the consultation
CARE’s briefing on responding to the consultation, looking at all eight questions.

Additional resources

Abolition Scotland
Our campaign booklet – this contains more background information which could be helpful to you.

CARE: Commercial Sexual Exploitation
This CARE leaflet gives an overview of the issue of sexual exploitation within the UK sex industry.

CARE: Tackling Demand
This CARE document takes a detailed look at how to tackle one of the root causes of exploitation – the demand.